(c) Design: Katya Burtseva

Global Goals Jam (“GGJ”) is an initiative of the United Nations Development Program and the Digital Society School, at the University of Applied Sciences of Amsterdam.  It seeks to design realistic, actionable interventions for the realization of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs”) that take shape as startups, non-profit or for-profit companies.

A GGJ in Saint-Petersburg (“GGJ SPb”) is a 2-day event consisting of topical experts’ / speakers’ presentations and short design sprints, presenting and discussing startup business plans for the attainment of the SDGs in the local context of Saint-Petersburg. Creative teams of designers, developers and Jammers from the local communities work together using a tailored toolkit that applies a method of design thinking to addressing and solving challenges of realizing the SDGs in the Russian context. 

The purpose of GGJ SPb: 

• Introduce audience to the methodology of design thinking underpinning the GGJ concept

• Conduct a series of case analytical and visual  exercises applying design thinking to attaining the Sustainable Development Goals in the local context. Each team working on the particular SDG/ SDGs will have delivered a business plan for a startup initiative to achieve the specified targets of Sustainable Development Goal/s

• Conduct a panel discussion with expert speakers in the field of social entrepreneurship and design thinking based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia and Amsterdam, Holland. The panel speakers will look to exchange the field experiences of implementing the SDGs in the Russian and Dutch contexts

GGJ SPb Participants:

• Facilitators/ moderators of GGJ Saint-Petersburg  

• Dutch social entrepreneurship experts

• Russian academic experts on corporate social responsibility and social entrepreneurship project management

Target audience: Upper classmen / university students, young professionals and concerned citizens 

Event Location: Educational Center for Environmental Education under the Saint-Petersburg City Administration

1, Ulitsa Nakhimova

Saint-Petersburg, Russia